About Us

Half Dome Capital was founded in 2008 to acquire distressed financial assets in California such as deeds of trust, liens, judgments, and partial ownership interests. In recent years we have focused more on judgments.

The time and legal fees in enforcing a judgment can be overwhelming. Sometimes the burden of a judgment weighs more on the plaintiff than the defendant. At Half Dome Capital we want to help plaintiffs.

We provide our clients a fast and easy way to sell court judgments because we use a long-term buy and hold investment strategy and we spread our risk.

​Our founder was the managing partner of an options trading firm for seven years, has been an active investor since 2001, and has been enforcing judgments since 2012.


in judgments under management

7 years

enforcement experience

2 locations

Sacramento and Greenbrae

We’re Asset-based Judgment Collectors

We’re a little different than most judgment collection agencies. Most judgment collection agencies will enforce judgments against a wide range of debtors. We only enforce judgments against debtors who have assets we can pursue.

How does that make us different from other judgment collectors?

  • Our first step in analyzing your judgment is to research your judgment debtor and the facts of your case so that we can make you a cash offer for your judgment today. Other judgment collectors do less research because they don’t pay you until after they collect.
  • Other judgment collectors take baby steps to collect your judgment — and then pay you in baby steps.
  • Other judgment collectors garnish wages, lien personal property, and levy bank accounts. We use one primary enforcement method: we levy and sell real property. It’s expensive. It’s time consuming. It works.

If want to get paid today on your judgment, if you’re tired of collecting a few dollars every few months, if you’ve tried debtor’s exams and wage garnishment without success – then please consider the alternative we offer: cash today.

Half Dome Capital pays cash for judgments. We’re selective, but if we choose to buy your judgment then your wait is over. Please get in touch today and we’ll make you a no-obligation cash offer for your judgment.