Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to me?

No! We will never ask you to pay us. We research your judgment for free and we make you a no-obligation cash offer. Then you sell us your judgment only if you like our offer.

How much do you pay for Judgments?

Pay is based on many factors such as: how old the judgment is, whether it is a “default judgment”, and whether the debtor has any assets we can recover. Let us make you a no-obligation offer to buy your judgment!

What size judgments will you purchase?

We only purchase judgments greater than $10,000. The cost to collect smaller judgments is too high.

What type of judgments do you buy?

We buy all county court, district court, and superior court judgments. We also buy labor board awards that have been filed as judgments.

Is it safe to share information about my judgment?

Yes. We only ask for publicly available information. Did you know that your case information is already available online? Many courts, such as San Francisco, even include document images. Other courts make all documents available for in-person public viewing.

We Pay Cash for Judgments.

We buy California judgments. Get a no-obligation cash offer now!

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How can you pay cash up front?

We are an asset-based judgment collector and are selective about the judgments we buy. Our business model is to acquire many judgments in order spread our risk. Sometimes we collect, but sometimes we don’t collect. By buying judgments at a discount to their full value we’re able to make up for losses.

What is asset-based judgment collection?

Using research capabilities not available to the general public, we can quickly determine what assets your debtor owns. If your debtor owns collectible assets we will make you a cash offer. When we are unable to locate assets we refer you to firms that collect judgments on a future-pay basis.

Why not just hire an attorney?

An attorney will charge you $300 or more per hour. Also, most attorneys are not familiar with effective judgment collection strategies. It’s an area of law that few attorneys specialize in.

What are some of the costs involved in enforcing a judgment myself?

Costs of recovering a judgment can include research costs, court fees, sheriff fees, process server fees, garnishment fees, abstract fees, and more. When we pay you cash for your judgment we absorb all of those costs ourselves.

Do I have to help you collect the judgment?

No. Once we buy your judgment, it’s up to us to collect. There’s nothing more for you to worry about.