Sell Us Your Court Judgment

We pay cash for California court judgments and labor board judgments.

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Get a Free No-Obligation Cash Offer for Your Judgment!

We provide a fast and easy way to sell your court judgment.
How it works:

We Research

We research your judgment debtor for free, and report our findings to you with no obligation.

Get Your Offer

We'll make you an offer ​to purchase your judgment, usually within 24 hours.

Get Paid

We'll overnight payment to you ​wherever you live. ​No more waiting for debt collection!

We Pay Cash for Judgments.

We buy California judgments. Get a no-obligation cash offer now!

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Did you know that over 80% of all judgments will NEVER be collected?

Most creditors never collect anything because they don't know how to go after a debtor's assets. Let us do that work for you.

Got Questions?

Sweet! We’ve got Answers.

Is there any cost to me?

No! We will never ask you to pay us. We research your judgment for free and we make you a no-obligation cash offer. Then you sell us your judgment.

How much do you pay for Judgments?

Pay is based on many factors such as:  whether it is a “default judgment”, whether the debtor has any assets we can recover, and how old the judgment is. Let us make you a no-obligation offer to buy your judgment!

What size judgments will you purchase?

We only purchase judgments greater than $10,000. The cost to collect smaller judgments is too high.

​What type of judgments do you buy?

We buy all county court, district court, and superior court judgments. We also buy labor board awards that have been filed as judgments.

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Google Rating
Based on 2 reviews

About Us

Half Dome Capital was founded in 2008 to acquire distressed financial assets in the California such as deeds of trust, liens, judgments, and partial ownership interests. In recent years we have focused mostly on judgments.

The time and legal fees in enforcing a judgment can be overwhelming. Sometimes the burden of a judgment weighs more on the plaintiff than the defendant. At Half Dome Capital we help plaintiffs get paid quickly.

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Sell Us Your Court Judgment

We buy California court judgments so you don't have to do judgment enforcement.